The Easter Journey: the Next 50 Days

Dear NPH Family,

As we celebrate once again God’s amazing love for us, journeying through this past Holy Week and now this Resurrection, we are filled with hope for new life and new beginnings. The Easter season is 50 days! From now till Pentecost how do we delve deeper into the mystery of God’s love? How do we LIVE the Easter miracle, the Easter signs of hope and lived faith? HOW can we make sure these 50 days are different than any other 50 days?

NPH Honduras_2015_Religion_1We can see with new eyes! Every morning wherever we are in our NPH Global community we can use words of hope and faith and love. Of smiles and solutions, and kindness. We can feel with compassion in this year of Mercy. We can above all live in gratefulness for all we have, including our legacy of Fr. Wasson’s miracle to care for vulnerable children! To give concrete thanks for the hundreds of childcare staff and volunteers we have who care for our children. To LIVE as if Easter REALLY happened! That Resurrection is possible EVERY DAY in the lives of our children and youth, and first and foremost in ourselves. Let us challenge ourselves in these next 50 days of Easter to live as if there REALLY IS an Eastertime, filled with hope, compassion, love and mercy. Then the spirit of Pentecost will fuel us in unknown ways to continue to serve our NPH family!

“God loves EACH of us as if there were only ONE of us!” St. Augustine

Donna Egge, NPHI Board Mission Ministry Chair & Director of Family Services

*photo credit: Hunter Johnson

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