Family Services Programs

Our Family Services team supports multiple areas of all NPH homes across the nine countries of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Mexico3These areas include childcare, education, volunteers, the professional development of our staff, spiritual formation, youth development, and communication with ‘hermanos mayores’, our brothers and sisters who are no longer living in the home.

The NPH International Leadership Institute gives emerging leaders from our NPH homes the opportunity to advance in their education and leadership formation while improving their English skills for one year in Seattle, Washington. To learn more about the vision of this program and recent news, feel free to visit the NPH Leadership Institute Blog.

Family Services offers trainings, guidelines and core program standards that apply across the NPH homes in all nine countries; however, each individual home adapts its own programs specific to their country, culture and the home’s unique strengths and needs.

To see recent news on these different programs, visit our Family Services home page.

Learn about youth development programs at NPH:

Our volunteer program:

Childcare in our NPH family:

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