Hermano Mayor Spotlight! Jader Rayo

Our youth at NPH, after achieving their independence and graduating from university or another program, become the older brothers and sisters in our family, also known as ‘hermanos mayores’.

The paths that hermanos mayores decide to take are varied and unique. Many pursue their career outside of NPH, while others feel called to come back. They provide their skills and expertise to the home as they become wonderful role models to the little ones.


Jader Rayo

Jader Rayo is one of our hermanos mayores who chose to dedicate his career to NPH and is passionate about supporting the kids. Arriving at the age of 13 to NPH Nicaragua, he grew up in the home, continued his studies and graduated from university, and then returned to work at NPH full time. Even while he was studying at the university, he continued to stay involved in the lives of his younger brothers and sisters and always has taken a great interest in their wellbeing and preparedness for life after NPH.

Since then, Jader has worked in multiple roles with NPH, and currently coordinates the University and Hermano Mayor program at NPH Nicaragua. He has been part of the staff for a total of nine years.

He shares with us his experience, both growing up at NPH and working as a staff member.

Looking back on your childhood at NPH, how did it impact the person you are today?  What NPH did for me was definitely a radical change, I feel like it was NPH that gave direction to my life. I hadn’t found meaning and purpose, but thanks to God I learned that every one of us in this life has just that. Back then, I didn’t think that I would finish primary school let alone university, feel competent in society, and be able to support my small family and NPH as I do now. 

NPH Nicaragua_2009_Mass_18

Jader at the home’s first communion in 2009

What do you want for the children at NPH? I would like to continue being an instrument to help the children achieve their goals as they grow up. I would like to see them when they are older with values, and as professionals, and that they keep that family spirit alive that we have inherited here at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.

Did you know Father Wasson (founder of NPH)? What is your best memory of him? I remember when I was in my Year of Service, and I was fishing to feed the little ones. Father Wasson told me, “You will be a fisher of MEN.” 

What inspired you to work for NPH? What inspires you currently? Dedicated people with Father Wasson’s vision inspired me to begin working at NPH. Now it’s the effort that I see from so many kids wanting to move forward in their lives, and seeing the service they do for others.

What does NPH mean to you? NPH is something very special, it’s a blessing for my little family and I, and for my brothers and sisters who I have grown up with. 

To learn more about Jader and his story, visit: Jader’s story  


Jader (left) with Mauricio (right) who works at NPH Nicaragua and is also a hermano mayor.

See the Impact – NPH Youth Development Programs

We believe that all children deserve the chance to reach their full potential and lead the best lives possible, both personally and professionally. Our nine NPH homes provide a variety of development opportunities for our youth to help make this possible. Our programs span the areas of leadership, young women empowerment, spiritual formation and a variety of extracurricular activities so that they can develop their talents and creativity.

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Read more about our NPH programs supported by Family Services here. If you’d like to get involved and support any of these programs, feel free to contact us at fs.int@nph.org.

Employee Spotlight!

At NPH our employees are dedicated to their work: providing excellent care, love and security to the children. In return, they are forever changed by their experiences working with the kids and the exceptional love that can only come from a child. 

Leticia Mejia Leon, also known by the kids as ‘Tía Leti’, is the Baby House Director in NPH El Salvador. She grew up in the NPH Mexico home and shares with us her inspiration to work in the Baby House each day.


Tía Leti with one of the toddlers she cares for in the NPH El Salvador Baby House

Name: Leticia Mejia Leon, a.k.a ‘Tía Leti’

NPH Homes: Grew up in NPH Mexico and currently works at NPH El Salvador

Position: Director of the Baby House in NPH El Salvador for 14 years

Total time working at NPH: 18 years



What inspires you to do your work each day? 

“I joined NPH Mexico at the age of 7, and since then I have always had the need to work with the youngest children because I feel that they need care, love and protection the most.”


Tía Leti with a brother and sister she cares for in the NPH El Salvador Baby House.

What is one favorite memory that you have during your time working at NPH?

“I will never forget the first time they gave me a baby to hold. The most incredible part was that we had to go pick him up at the hospital as he was born just twenty-four hours prior. The mom did not want him, and so he was very small, malnourished, and required special care. We dedicated twenty-four hours around the clock until we helped stabilize him. Now we see him run and play like any other child without problems that could have been caused due to a lack of care at such a young age. We have had many cases like this and our dedication and work is the same for all. Every day we provide love and care so that all our children feel confident and secure here at NPH. We love them and always explain to them the philosophy of the NPH founder, Father Wasson, and that we are so lucky to have such a great family.”