9th Annual International Youth Development Conference

Written by Ricardo Klayen, NPH Mexico

We celebrated the 9th Annual NPHI Youth Development Conference this past January 2018, welcoming participants from all nine NPH homes. Our host was NPH El Salvador, a country rich in culture and hospitality, which provided a beautiful and wonderful experience to all our participants.

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There were 46 NPH youths that participated in this event; for 24 of them it was their first time attending, and 22 of them had the opportunity to participate in the past.

The theme of the conference was “Who am I?” The participants answered the following questions throughout the duration of the week: Who am I in my community? Who am I in my faith? Who am I as a person? Who am I within a team? And who am I as a leader?

In addition to the workshop and teaching part of the conference, the youth enthusiastically participated in recreational and cultural activities during the week.  This included games shared by other participants, an excursion to do service in the community, and also a day to visit cultural sites in El Salvador.

The team who led the activities included Donna Egge, Avriel Burlot, and myself, Ricardo Klayen.  We also invited special visitors during the week to present during the conference and share time with the youth.  These visitors included Dr. Michael Maccoby, Reinhart Koehler, Miguel Venegas, Nelly Fernandez, Jacqueline Shrader and staff from NPH El Salvador.

Based on my experience, this conference is a very important opportunity for our NPH youth and family. We strengthen personal growth of our youths, and strengthen the family ties among the members of our great NPH family.

I had the opportunity to participate in this type of workshop years ago and I have seen my personal growth. As an Hermano Mayor (older brother in the NPH family), my wish is to see the growth in each one of my brothers and sisters who are participating today and having these opportunities and experiences.

This year was the third time I helped lead the workshop as part of the planning team. I feel very happy and grateful for all the people that have helped me become a better person and a good example for my NPH brothers and sisters.


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