Psychologist Workshop – Compassion and Care for the Mental Health of Children and Youth

At NPH Honduras this past November, the NPHI Medical Service and Family Service teams invited 14 psychologists from the NPH homes for a mental health conference.


A week of sharing, listening and learning together produced a unique sense of team spirit and unity among the psychologists. Based on a common therapeutic contract of respect for and trust in each other, all participants engaged in the exchange of ideas and therapeutic techniques.  They also learned new individual and group therapies to support those who have experienced trauma. 

Prevention of sexual abuse and suicide complemented the trauma-related work. The group was also trained to use NPH’s internal Electronic Medical Report system (EMR) and psychological protocols.

The team welcomed guest speaker Nico van Oudenhoven and his wife Rona from the International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI) organization. In his presentation about the mental health situation in Latin America, he focused in on the practical intervention for children and youth of the NPH family and community. By empowering the creativity and abilities of local protagonists, and harnessing the local culture and traditions, we are able to provide a strong antidote against the despair that can accompany mental illness. 

The psychologists appreciated Nico’s contribution. One psychologist shared, “I really like the perspective of Nico: Hope and resources approach problems from a different perspective.”

When asked to comment on the workshop, participants shared:

“I enjoyed getting to know my colleagues, learning new things and sharing knowledge and experiences!”

“I appreciate the fitness and ability of the teams from the NPH homes and the great opportunity to share and participate in this enriching exchange.”

“This workshop enabled us to clarify,  learn and to see the importance of psychological work in NPH!”

Thanks to all participants for their engagement, commitment and contribution to make this workshop a success, and for their dedication to prioritizing the mental health of our children and youth.

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