Two years, Four Cohorts Later: the NPH-iLEAP partnership

The NPH-iLEAP partnership began in 2015, in the way that many friendships start – both felt understood by the other and grounded by a common outlook and mission.

NPH is about raising children within a secure and loving family, supporting local families, developing youth to become strong leaders and contribute to their communities. Our staff is the bedrock on which our everyday care is made possible. Many of our staff are also ‘hermanos mayores’ who grew up at NPH and now choose to dedicate their work to caring for their younger brothers and sisters. They have a thorough understanding of their countries’ societal needs, and we see them as the key to making a difference both now and in the future by forming this next generation of leaders.

iLEAP seeks to create a more just and equal world by ‘inspiring social leaders and igniting social change.’ They help transform emerging leaders by encouraging their confidence, creating community, and giving them the tools to become agents of change. They believe in our leaders too.

With the support of the GPD Charitable Trust, the iLEAP-NPH friendship has been able to flourish since 2015.

DSC_0175 copy

Two years and four cohorts later, 40 NPH staff including hermanos mayores, have participated in the iLEAP program traveling from seven different countries. A group of nine staff members completed the program this past June and gave their final presentations on June 29th to a gathering of supporters.

DSC_0069 copy

In his presentation, Edgar, the NPH Nicaragua Visitor Coordinator who grew up in the NPH Mexico home, shared, “I know that being a leader is not easy because all eyes are on us, as role models, but I am willing to do my best for my country when coming back home.”


DSC_0103 copy

And Wendy who grew up at NPH Honduras and is currently finishing her language studies in university, shared “I took time to think about my life – my happiness, my sorrows and my struggles. Through this I discovered that I am stronger than I imagined.” She continued, “I make mistakes as everyone does. But from these mistakes, I can learn.”

Edgar and Wendy are just two of the nine participants who shared reflections on leadership and inspiring ideas to take back to their countries.

Congratulations to the Class of June 2017!: Marvin and Carmina from El Salvador, Ana Maria from Guatemala, Billy Jean from Haiti, Wendy and Ana Karina from Honduras, and Edgar, Celson and Jader from Nicaragua.

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