2016 In Review

The NPH International Family Services Team achieved many milestones in 2016. Every one of our nine homes received at least one onsite visit from one of our international team members. We provided oversight and support to our National Directors and their local teams throughout the year, and we listened and responded to urgent home needs with onsite support as well. We consistently checked in with the staff to evaluate progress on the 23 Core Programs required for each NPH home, programs whose goals range from fostering youth development to training our childcare staff. These Core Programs were developed directly from the NPHI Family Services Childcare Manual (2006) and our Child Care Policy (2014) in order to ensure high standards, prevention, protection and formational opportunities for children, youth and staff. These programs are at the heart of our NPH work, both for the homes and our NPHI Family Services team.



Local Family Service Coordinators help improve the care of our children in the homes. They work directly with our NPH International Family Services Team to evaluate the 23 Core Programs so that our local childcare staff is able to continue providing quality care and better implement our NPH luzfsannualreportmission: helping our NPH youth to reach their potential, to become good and caring adults, and to be productive members of their respective communities with hearts to serve. We are thrilled to share that two of our newest local Family Services Coordinators are Hermanas Mayores and graduates from the iLEAP and Seattle Institute programs, both Family Services programs designed to prepare our youth and staff for leadership opportunities such as these.

Photos above: Left: Dora Lemus, Hermana Mayor, Graduate of iLEAP and Seattle Institute, Family Service Coordinator of NPH Honduras. Right: Luz de Maria, Hermana Mayor, graduate of iLeap, Family Service Coordinator of NPH El Salvador.

CARE of Children and Youth 

With the creative and dedicated work of over 378 caregivers, the support of Year of Service
youth and volunteers, our children receive high quality care. We currently have 66% of thenph-dominican_2016_employees_38 desired childcare staff in place in our homes. We continue to strive to meet the full child to caregiver ratio compliance level advised by the Family Services Team. In 2016, all 378 childcare staff received at least 10 trainings, empowering them to provide better care. Annual trainings for our childcare staff are one of our focused Core Programs. The trainings center on themes such as positive discipline, sexual education and abuse prevention. We know that with sufficient childcare ratios and well-trained caregivers, our children and youth will be in good hands!

DEVELOPMENT Professional and Leadership 

circleyouthThis past year the Family Services team organized and facilitated over 10 local and international workshops, including the 7th Youth Development Workshop in Guatemala where over 45 youth from nine countries gathered for inspiration to carry our NPH legacy forward. Two Hermanos Mayores, both past participants of the Seattle Institute Leadership Program, helped facilitate this workshop. This is one shining example of our success in providing a continuum of developmental opportunities for growth and leadership. Our 8th workshop will be in Honduras in January 2017. There are 45 total participants, 27 of these youths will be first time participants. Providing youth development opportunities is a major focus for our team and is one of the Core Programs in our homes.

fullsizerender1Our Seattle Leadership Institute, Preparing Lives for Service, celebrated the graduations of six participants from the Class of 2016 to reach a total of 26 graduates since the founding of the program in 2011! Of the past 26 graduates of the Seattle Institute, 16 are studying at the university level with some working along the way as well, 12 have full-time jobs, eight of whom are currently NPH employees. And all who are able to support NPH have found a variety of ways to give back and care for their brothers and sisters This past September we welcomed six more participants, and we look forward to seeing their growth throughout the year. We continue collaboration with iLeap (www.iLeap.org) as part of our professional development offering for our Hermanos Mayores and home employees. Our goal of this program is to help foster strong leadership skills focused on sustainability, collaboration, entrepreneurship and personal development, essential for leaders in today’s changing world. In 2016, we welcomed 21 total participants, to make 31 total graduates from the program since we began partnering with iLEAP in 2015.

In June 2017, we look forward to welcoming our 4th group of 10 students.

nph-honduras_2016_volunteers_41_fspostIn 2016 we saw an increase in the number of volunteers who applied from countries without a fundraising office, especially from Latin America. This enriches the diversity in our homes and our volunteer community. We welcomed volunteers from Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Sweden and the United Kingdom to serve our homes and our children.   Our International Volunteer Coordinator worked closely with the local volunteer coordinators in both the NPH homes and fundraising offices to create a more cohesive, international volunteer program. In addition, a new evaluation system and emergency and safety document was created for all homes.

Introducing Our NPH International Family Services Team!

  • Donna Egge: Family Services Director
  • Markus Streit: Family Services Coordinator, Administration, Core Programs, Alternative Care Programs, Child Welfare Interviews, Europe Liaison, Education Initiative
  • Avriel Burlot: Family Services Coordinator, International Volunteers, CPI, Haiti FS, International Youth Conference
  • Nelly Fernandez: Coordinator, Mental and Reproductive Health, Alternative Care Programs
  • Jacqueline Shrader: new Coordinator, Seattle International Leadership Institute

Donna Egge, NPHI Family Services Director

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