Merry Christmas from Family Services

Mary and Joseph walked a long road before they found shelter in Bethlehem. Although young in age, many of our children understand this journey better than anyone. They arrive at our doorstep, looking for warmth and hoping to find light in the darkness. They knock, and we open the door.

NPH Honduras Nativity Scene - photo by Sally Weigel

NPH Honduras Nativity Scene – photo by Sally Weigel

We cannot change a past, but can help each child turn the page to write a new, entirely different life story full of hope. One that tells the impact of family, unconditional love, a quality education, and a victory against the cycle of poverty. One that lays the foundation for a new chapter, which will tell of a bright future and a world of possibilities.

May the good news of Christmas be ever present in your lives, and may your story be one of faith, hope and love.


God bless. Sending joy and blessings your way this Christmas season,
The NPHI Family Services team

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