Employee Spotlight!

At NPH our employees are dedicated to their work: providing excellent care, love and security to the children. In return, they are forever changed by their experiences working with the kids and the exceptional love that can only come from a child. 

Leticia Mejia Leon, also known by the kids as ‘Tía Leti’, is the Baby House Director in NPH El Salvador. She grew up in the NPH Mexico home and shares with us her inspiration to work in the Baby House each day.


Tía Leti with one of the toddlers she cares for in the NPH El Salvador Baby House

Name: Leticia Mejia Leon, a.k.a ‘Tía Leti’

NPH Homes: Grew up in NPH Mexico and currently works at NPH El Salvador

Position: Director of the Baby House in NPH El Salvador for 14 years

Total time working at NPH: 18 years



What inspires you to do your work each day? 

“I joined NPH Mexico at the age of 7, and since then I have always had the need to work with the youngest children because I feel that they need care, love and protection the most.”


Tía Leti with a brother and sister she cares for in the NPH El Salvador Baby House.

What is one favorite memory that you have during your time working at NPH?

“I will never forget the first time they gave me a baby to hold. The most incredible part was that we had to go pick him up at the hospital as he was born just twenty-four hours prior. The mom did not want him, and so he was very small, malnourished, and required special care. We dedicated twenty-four hours around the clock until we helped stabilize him. Now we see him run and play like any other child without problems that could have been caused due to a lack of care at such a young age. We have had many cases like this and our dedication and work is the same for all. Every day we provide love and care so that all our children feel confident and secure here at NPH. We love them and always explain to them the philosophy of the NPH founder, Father Wasson, and that we are so lucky to have such a great family.”

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